Thursday, January 10, 2013

 Hello, citizens of the world! The other day, I took my camera and went exploring around the inside of the Manor. All the grand staircases are lovely and all the details in the rooms are explicit, but I was interested in what was hidden within the walls. This manor, Harlaxton Manor, was built in 1837 by Gregory Gregory and many have lived here and visited here. Isaac Newton was born in a town just three miles from here. The history here goes far and wide. Any who, Those important families who have inhabited this house, had servants.....naturally. Well back when men bowed and ladies curtsied, servants were meant to be heard but not seen. So, around the manor, along many of the walls are trap doors. They open with special hidden knobs and a narrow corridor or typically a spiral staircase would lead the servant to the next job without disturbing the royals. The places are dark so pictures were difficult to come by, but I snuck a few. Enjoy Lords and Ladies!

PS: Stay tuned here because our next stop is LONDON!

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